Lets Play This Interesting Game Tagged “We Both Survived” (See How)

The game focuses on life situation talking
about things that occurs between the rich
and the poor, which eventually both
”class” still tends to survive in the hard and
soft condition. its basically the opposite of
the other #Nobeef just for fun, See Some
examples below and add yours;
> You woke up from the bed, I woke up from the
floor..we both woke up to a brand new
> You ate fried rice + roasted chicken, I drank
garri and beans but we both ate to our
> You ride on Lexus, Range Rover, G-Wagon and
I use public transport but we still got 2 our
various destinations. #WeBothSurvived
> You may be reading this post from your
iphone6 or BB10 and I Comment/Read on it with
my chinco phone but we are both online.
> You studied Medicine at Ife, I studied Mass
Comm at Mapoly. We both ended up as
marketers in a Bank.. #WeBothSurvived
Its Your Turn ADD YOURS! and use the share

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