Episode 29
I ended the call and try to relax and
hoping for
start of work on Sunday, madam
called me
later in the evening saying lovely
delivered my
message to her…….
Mrs Juliet:what other things did u
with lovely?
Me:Notyn ma….i only ask after you
Mrs Juliet:Hope u know anytyn
between us is
Me:U don’t need to tell me that Ma,
when am
not a kid
Mrs Juliet:Better…..and never try
anytyn silly
with my geh
Me:Not at all Ma…I understand what
you are
driving at Ma
Mrs Juliet:Its better you understand
cos its
good for us to be this way and you
will not
want to see my other side
Me:I promise you Ma….Am not that
kind of a
Mrs Juliet:I will take you for your
word and
keep tab on you guys too
Me:Its not up to that ma
Mrs Juliet:Its up to that oooo…Is it
now you?
Snakie with sugar coated mouth.
Me:No problem Ma I promise.
I started thinking of the kind of
problem have
put myself into but I truly wanted
Lovelyn as
she fits into my kind of lady but with
attack her mother is ready to give me,
I don’t
think I can make any move again but
shouldn’t stop me from Deborah if I
have the
chance. I called Tolu and Tayo to
know how
they were doing and they both
complained I
didn’t call them but told them I was
It was around 11pm when I got
another call
from thing led to the
other, we
started having phone intimacy, even
though I
was not doing anytyn, I instructed her
to be
doing lot of things from finger
bleeping herself
to different things….the call lasted
for almost
two hours and I guess madam actually
enjoyed it…..I made up my mind to
madam to something else she will
ever think
of sexually even though I don’t know
if she
ever exploded sexually like that
”come to think of it, she never
discuss about
the job with me again…………was
bleeping me
all her plan in the first place ?she
never even
engage me in the job conversation
introduce me to anybody at the party.
Even at
that, I never knew I will sleep at her
guess it was faith and God granted
her own
wish too”
Here comes Monday morning at our
meeting, it was agreed that Akin and
Tolu will
be the one to support the client for
the week
but Tayo will go with them for the
first day so
that they can be familiar with things
people around. Better atleast that
will save me
from seeing Mrs Julliet as she will
me more if she doesn’t have access
to me all
the time.
I concentrated on the assignment BJ
gave me
and nothing really much to do as I
was the
only major consultant in the office
aside other
admin staffs……as if Mrs Juliet read
though, she called me asking for the
why I was not in their office, told her
its our
management decision..she asked if we
see later in the evening after work
and I said
no problem…ask when she will close
and she
said she will call me anything from
her I usually close by 5pm but she
said I
should just wait for her….I reason
that even if
I closed by 5pm, it will almost be 6pm
before I
get to marina. Tayo also beep me up
to ask
how I will be moving if I can come
meet her in
Marina..told her not to worry that I
will find
my way, moreoever we will see in the
office the
following day.
I closed early and headed straight to
marina, I
entered the Mr biggs opposite CSS
and called madam that I was there…
she said I
should give her like 10mins that she
will meet
me there…just like she said, she
called me that
she was outside, I went out and hop
into her
Mrs Juliet:Sorry, we can go inside
there, my
staffs might be coming in there
Me: No problem ma
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