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After so many requests from our users, i decided to create a new WhatsApp group for where you will be updated 24/7 on Latest Music/Videos, Entertainment Gist, News & Free Browsing Updates.

How To Join Whatsapp group :

JUST Click on This WhatsApp group invitation Link:


1). Members of this group must not abuse or threaten other members.

2). Spamming and Posting of irrelevant links are highly rejected.

3). Questions won’t be answered when asked at odd hours (12am-6am).

4). Affiliate links, Referral links and Irrelevant links are strongly prohibited.

5). Every member of this group has equal right in this group.

6). No member has the right to change/edit group name and image.

7). Members must not complain of excess messages when in the group because a minimum of 3000 messages will be received per day.

8). You must write your Name or Nickname on your WhatsApp profile immediately you are added to the group so that members will know you by your name or nickname for easy communication and references.

9). There must not be ethnicity difference nor religious critics/posts in the group because all of us will automatically be one family no matter the part of the world you are joining from.

10). Members who are less active will be removed by the end of each month.

11). All questions must be asked in the room, No private chat with the Administrator.

12). Posting of sex/porn images won’t be welcomed. Posting of jokes are permitted, but won’t be accommodated in excess.

13). Admins have the right and authority to remove any member who fails to comply with the above rules.

14). The official language accepted in this group is English Language(Pidgin). All other languages are rejected totally.

Hope you all abide to group rules thanks..


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