[Lyrics] Drey Beatz ft. Ice Prince – Umm Ahh

Umm Ahh Lyrics – Ice Prince, Drey Beatz
Drey Beatz
Full Conscious You Already Know Ice Prince
Zamani Out Here
Umm Ahh
All I Need You To Say With Me On This Record
Is Say
Umm Ahh
If You Got That Ginger In Your Body
Follow Me Say Umm Ahh
Y’all Y’all Never (Drey Beatz)
Y’all Never Know Say Me I Bad To The Bone
Umm Ahh
You Follow The Ahh (Ok Listen Up)
Ice Prince Verse 1
Say Umm Ahh… You Follow The Rest
If You Get Pkapli Pkali You Sabi The Rest
Umm Ahh
One Time For Your Mind, I Go Tell You
Something Now
Say Umm Ahh
Follow Me To My Room, U Go Know Say No Be
Only Ferrari Dey Zoom
Like… Umm Ahh
You Don’t Like Scary Movies But You Gotta Be
Ready For Anaconda Horror
Cause I Go (Umm Ahh)
(Hey) Come Chuddy What Is Your Name (Umm
What Is Your Name
Girl The Little Things You Do Be Bursting My
Brain (Umm Ahh)
Bursting My Brain
**** Grammy Too
And You Deserve A Spot In Malleable
Mama Truly Deserve A Real Niggah Nothing
Not Those Fake Ass Niggahs On Your
Blackberry (Umm Ahh)
All I Want You Say Is Umm …Ahh (Sexy)
Haha… Now You Know The Song Already
Ain Gonna Say Much On This One (Wahala Dey)
Follow Me Say Umm Ahh.. (Drey Beatz) You
Already Know That
Let Me Tell You Something ( Ahh)
Ice Prince Verse 2
Shebi Them Go Gree Make Nepa Give Us Light
For Like One Hundred Days Straight (Umm Ahh)
I No Go Yarn Much Cause If I Yarn Much
Dem Go Put Me For Jail Straight (Umm Ahh)
Shebi Dem They Vex Say Na We Dey Carry First
And Be Say We The Best Like (Umm Ahh)
No Be Say Na Beans But We Dey Chop Am Like
Dey Go
And These Rappers All In A Mess Like (Umm
Government Dem Know, All Of Em Dem Know
Say Me I Bad To The Bone LIKE (Umm Ahh)
I Woke Up This Morning Well Like Two Hundred
Up Me Phone My Girl Demma (Umm Ahh)
HEY… Little Boy Who Your Father Be (Umm Ahh)
Who Your Father Be
You Dey Waka For My Street, You’re Feeling
Like A Gee (Umm Ahh)
Feeling Like A Gee
We No Send If You Get Big Brother Wey Dey
Reside Overseas (Umm Ahh)
Reside Overseas
Have Got My Goons With Me And The Baggo
Beside Me For Bch (Umm Ahh)
Shey You Know The Rest Now… Follow That
(Umm Ahh)
Yeah.. Everybody Follow Me Say (Umm Ahh) Ahh
Drey Beatz
King Kong Niggah Bomber This
Never Sell Jos Nigga Strong Like This
Fake Rappers Always Sipping With The Wrong
Is Why I Was Born Like A Compaq Disc (Ahh
You Know Say I Was Once Like This
I Never Thought I’d Be Jumping On Songs Like
So The Girl Demma Want Me On The Contact
I Dey Give Them The Wash I Be John Baptist
You Know Say Man’na Feel Like This
With A Bad Girl Chilling In The Pool With A Body
Wey Dey Swim Like Fish
Dey Swim Like (Umm Ahh)
All I Want You To Follow Me And Do On This
Song Is (Umm Ahh)
Drey Beatz… Umm Ahh Umm Ahh
Drey Beatz (Umm Ahh)

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