[Lyrics] R_Shadow – Shake Body

IBU onye Ozo
Ehaaa eeh eh
R_shadow in the building eeh
See me dey Sing eeh
Okwa Na dancing time eeh
See dey dance see me dey Wayne Yes!!

1st Chorus
Shake your body eh your body eh
If you want to dance eeh
Shake your eh your body eh
If you know your Felling my song oh
Shake your body eh your body eh
Oya baby dance eh
Shake your body eh your body eh

If you know you like this song oh
Wangele wangele wa x8

Verse 1
Everybody see me now
Me I don blow
Everybody see me now
Me I don show
Today Na today
My party dey show
My money dey flow
My baby dey show
Incase you naver know
Today you know
Come to centre
Make you Wayne am slow
My baby dey dance oh
She don dey blow
My party dey Ron oh
It don dey go glow go
It don dey glow
Man of the season
I just dey Sing it
Everybody fell me
Them want be me
Iam singing the song
They are are Felling the song
Iam dropping the song
They Felling the song
I dey raping the song
I dey shaping the song
I dey sing I dey Rap ooh
Come to the centre scatter your body eh
See me me the jurry eeh

2nd Chorus…

2nd verse….
See me now!
See me now!
Everybody come
Make you see see now
I dey sing I dey dance
You dey see me now
Incase you never know
I wanna let you know
If you want to dance
Make you make you come to my show
Anyway you like
I gonna give you girl
So come together
Make i Dance you girl !
I wanna come together
And Rock you girl
Shake your Body! Body!!
Shake your Body! Body!!
Shake your Body!
If you shake your body
I go move my body
When you move your body
I go shake my body
Now I get my money
All the girls dey call me Honey
Because iam so funny
And I wanna be on my journey
My name no be Junny
But I get some money
Yes! See
I get some money make we dey Jurry ehh

3rd chorus

3rd verse…..
If you want dance now
Make you come front
Because as u see me now

Men I no dey make fuse
O bury Na icholo igba egwe
Maka anyi abaghi igwu egwuu
Yes Anam ago egwu
Mana m cho mgbachara egwu here
Look around me
You will see fine girls
Look around them
You will see bad girls
Nwanne juo fa weather
Fa ana ele-ele ka fa ana ese-ese
Because I can’t fear them
Chukwu bu onye m Na efe-efe
Is your boy R_shadow
Is singing a song
Everybody is here Felling my song

Last 4th chorus


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