Life Of Samuel Ewatomi With Popular Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo Is A Mystery To Mankind (Must Read)


  My name is Samuel Ewatomi….The proud owner of Ewatomi Beauty Palace where you can make your bead or buy bead and also menicure/pedicure are all there with the tendency to get free nail cut or free nail fixing.
  I am born and bred in Ogun State and currently reside in Lagos State, am 28 years of age with no real or serious relation.
  The purpose of why am here is the unexplainable psychic link that exist between me and the man we all know as Ghanaian Celebrity in the name of “John Dumelo” one of the brightest Ghana Actor.


  I think I am directly link with him through my imaginative and dream world which has been dated back to six (6) years ago now and which is now of a great concern for me because I enjoyed the best part of my life when am sleeping (dream world) and only to wake up to experience the bad side of life..I’m in love with an ideal man and making me incapable of loving real man because what I always experience in my dream is vast better than what am having in real life.
  John Dumelo truly doesnt know who I am or know what am experiencing and that is why am looking for a way to get in touch with Him whether I will find Closure in talking to him.
  I have seek spiritual consultation about it by going to pastor, alpha and even pray personally about it because have tried to love many man but they end up Irritating me as the relationship grow strong and maybe in talking to him I can find peace within myself to free me of this psychic bond.
  My purpose is to reach out to all Nigeria who might likely connect me with him or maybe connect me with someone close to him because its growing strong everyday and its destroying me, have tried and fail before minding who decide to help me run this post for a quicker way to reach out to the world and I give kudos to Wahab Abdulahi a.k.a Starboy Absharp the owner of this website because many blogger want to take advantage of me by telling me to send Nude Pix of myself to get the attention of John Dumelo because they said he’s a naughty person and some bloggers even want to turn me to money making machine by requesting for Money before posting “My News” and they are using my problem to make money.
  Pls am begging the whole Nigeria, the whole world who can help me in my situation to find John Dumelo (not to be his girlfriend) because he’s already married with kids but to find closure in seeing and talking to him, my great Nigerians pls support my movement in finding and locating John Dumelo and I pray that you will never experience what am going through and you will be successful in all what you lay your hand upon as you decide to help me.

Pls Drop Your Comments Because In Your Comment She Can Find Closure And Healing Power

For Contact If You Have Any Clue

+2347033073393 (Naijamate Ceo Direct Line)

+234 813 937 5885 (Samuel Ewatomi Direct Line)

If You Have Any Content/Message To Reach Out To The Whole World…Call/Whatsapp 07033073393 to get it online for free now.

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  1. When she called me, I completely believe in her because I know much about psychic bond that exist between people that doesn’t know each other and it can go a long way to exist between families, communities believing that they know something which belong to someone else mind..they will be lost in someone else memory and can identify anything in a place that they have never been before..Pls kindly comment on this because even if she can’t meet John Dumelo maybe she can find Closure in what you comments…your view or your perception of situation can change and transform her life

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