This is a method i have been using for more than 2 Years now. A Friend of Mine forgot his PC Password, Solved it for him and decided to Share the Step i Used to Crack the PC Password with my Site Users.

Have you ever Sit in front of your PC or
someone’s PC Trying to Login without
Remembering the Password? Well, You’re lucky
if the PC does not contain any Important Files
as you can just format it but if it contains
Important Files, hmmm! Then its Important you
Crack the PC Login Password.
Do you know How to Crack Windows Login
Password? I Guess No. Well, We shall be
Dishing out the Tutorial.


The Ophcrack Windows Password
Cracker is by far the best free Windows
password recovery tool available. It’s fast and
easy enough for a first time Windows password
cracker with a basic knowledge of Windows.
With Ophcrack, you don’t need any access
to Windows to be able to recover your lost
passwords. Simply Follow the Steps below:-
1. Visit the Ophcrack Site, Download the
free ISO image Here strong>. [The File contain all need Files,
Just Follow the Next Step]
2. Burn it into a CD, Then Insert the CD into
the PC that requires the Password and Change
the Boot Order to boot from the CD. Guess we
all know How to Boot from CD??
The Ophcrack Program will starts, it will
locates the Windows user accounts, and
proceeds to Crack the the forgotten passwords
automatically. Once the Cracking is done, the
passwords will be displayed on screen, just
write it down.
Thats All.
In a test we did on a Windows 7 PC,
Ophcrack was able to recover a 10 character
long password to my PC Administrator account
in 40 seconds. I was wow!!!

Ophcrack currently supports Windows 7,
Windows Vista, and Windows XP only.
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  1. When a computer password is lost, I like using Ophcrack to crack it. If I have no luck to recover the password, I then use PCUnlocker to remove it.

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